Movie Mistrial

Movie Mistrial

Cross-examination of the IMDB Top 250.

July 17, 2024
00:43:5040.14 MB

Episode 83 - Joker

Descend into the dark and gritty origins of Gotham's most infamous villain with Movie Mistrial...

July 03, 2024
00:46:2042.43 MB

Episode 82 - Braveheart

Covid has a guest appearance on this one, so please excuse some audio issues . Experience the thun...

June 19, 2024
00:45:1941.5 MB

Episode 81 - Avengers: Endgame

Prepare for an epic cinematic showdown with Movie Mistrial as we delve into the colossal finale of...

June 05, 2024
00:45:1741.47 MB

Episode 80 - Das Boot

Dive into the intense and claustrophobic world of submarine warfare with Movie Mistrial as we expl...

May 22, 2024
00:34:3031.59 MB

Episode 79 - Toy Story

*the audio is a bit funky on this one, we should be back to normalcy with the next episode* Embark...

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Excellent show!

Great podcast. Fun and well made!

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Great movie reviews!

Love hearing you guys break down these movies in an interesting way! Keep up the the good work!

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